Retail Store Cleaning

Castle Cleaners offers comprehensive retail cleaning services to suit the needs of your company. Our team is dedicated to keeping your store as clean and healthy as possible. Having a clean image will show that your company cares for both their customers and their employees. Keeping high traffic area floors and carpets looking like new is what we do.


Our team will complete the following services on an agreed upon schedule while your business is open or closed to ensure your high standards are exceeded:

  • Deep scrub floors with quiet, efficient, state of the art floor equipment
  • Wax and polish floors to a non-slip glittering shine
  • Wipe and polish all display fixtures with non-allergenic cleaning products
  • Clean breakrooms from floor to ceiling
  • Clean refrigerators inside and out
  • Clean Microwaves
  • Clean restroom fixtures, walls, mirrors and bright work
  • Empty trash and clean trash containers
  • Vacuum carpets in all areas of the store
  • Clean offices
  • Wipe down cash registers with hypo-allergenic cleaning products
  • Wash windows and door inside and out



Keeping all of your fixtures and surfaces germ free is essential for general health as well as preventing the spread of airborne viruses.
Castle Cleaners retail cleaning service makes your job easier by using the most powerful yet safe cleaning products available to commercial cleaning companies.

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